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How to View Previous TurboTax Files

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TurboTax is one of the most efficient software which has been assisting several users in taxation. This software saves the users a lot of time and efforts by collecting your company information and completing various lengthy tax form that you would need to file for your business. This software also enables you to view the tax returns of prior years but the method to access this information differs depending on the version of TurboTax that you are using. For example, if you are using the TurboTax software then your prior year return would be saved on your computer, if you use the online version of TurboTax you can find your tax return information on the TurboTax website. If you come across any query regarding this feature that TurboTax gives out, you can promptly connect with the TurboTax customer care number and clear all the concerns that you have regarding the issue.

Solutions to attain the previous TurboTax files are as follows:

While using the TurboTax Software

If you are using the TurboTax software on your system, then the steps that you would need to undertake are as follows:

  • On your system, search “.tax20xx” where ‘xx’ is the year of which you want to attain the files, i.e. if you want the files of the year 2017 then you would have to search “.tax2017”
  • In the search result, right click on the file and in the drop-down menu that you attain choose the option of “Open file location”. Then take note of the location where the file it at.
  • Further, launch TurboTax and choose the option “Open”. Browser to the location where the file of the year you want to view is and use the double click option to view it.

While using TurboTax Online Free Edition

Steps to be used if you are using the free edition of TurboTax online to attain previous year files are as follows:

  • Navigate to the TurboTax “Access your 2010 or Earlier Free edition return” Webpage.
  • Fill your TurboTax credentials and then opt to log in. In this, you would be displayed the prior year return only. If you wish to view even earlier returns then you would have to request them for the IRS.
  • Further, you can choose to save the return file on your system.

While using all other editions TurboTax Online

When you are using any other editions of TurboTax Online, these are steps that you need to follow:

  • Visit the TurboTax website and sign in using your account credentials.
  • Select “continue” to accept the license agreement and further select the version of TurboTax that you want to view your return in, do not opt for the free edition.
  • Now click on “View your returns from prior years” on the Welcome Back screen. If this link is not available, navigate to “Tools” and then “View Past Returns”.
  • Further, select the returns that you want to view and wait for it to open as a PDF file.

These are efficient ways in which you can view the previous TurboTax files. If you face any issue while working these steps out, then it is suggested that you connect with the TurboTax customer support number and avail their experienced assistance.

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